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Tree Care Services

The trees on your property represent the most valuable and visual component of your landscape. We handle tree care challenges like pruning, wind and storm damage, selective tree removal, and lighting and building clearance. We assist property management with prioritizing, budgeting, and scheduling of tree care activities for the health, appearance, and safety of your trees, using ISA certified Arborists for pruning, fertilizing, and spraying



Public safety and property protection are the top priorities of our supervised tree care crews. All work is completed with minimum interruption to business. Tree Care activities like pruning, trimming, and removal are done safely and efficiently.

Recycling Green Waste


Whenever feasible, Bay Pro Landscape Services practices green waste recycling. We chip and spread suitable tree pruning debris as mulch on appropriate landscapes. Mulching efforts help with soil moisture retention and a reduction in weed seed germination.

Free Tree Inspection and Tree Pruning Quote


Call Bay Pro Landscape Services  to have a Certified Arborist inspect the health and pruning needs of the trees on your property.


Tree Care Services include Fruit Prevention, Selective Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Building and Roof Clearance, Property Line Clearance, Lighting and Security Clearance, Pedestrian and Vehicle Clearance, Deep-Root Fertilization, Systemic Insect Control, Tree Spraying, Root Pruning, Stump Grinding, Disease Control, Broken Limb Removal, Emergency Response, Fallen Tree Removal, Blown Down Tree Clean Up, Dead Tree Removal, Fallen Limb Clean Up, Spray for Sap Drip, and other low cost tree services for commercial real estate, facility, and residential community properties located in cities and towns in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, and Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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