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Irrigation & Water Management

Irrigation Repairs


The first step in conserving water is to make sure the existing Irrigation System functions as designed. Trained Irrigation Technicians routinely check controllers and irrigation components. We make low cost repairs to correct breaks, brown spots, and over-spray.


Effective Controller Programming


Bay Pro Landscape managers understand ET rates and seasonal water requirements. Irrigation controllers are adjusted frequently. Landscapes are watered efficiently and correctly. Clocks are set to control run-off and the damage it can cause to parking lots and other surfaces.

Irrigation Today and Tomorrow


The efficient use of water is a major focus of landscape management today. The realities of the future include water shortages, water allocations, water use restrictions, tiered rate structures, and over use penalties.


Rising Cost of Water


The cost for water is expected to rise. Bay Pro manages irrigation effectively to conserve water and save money.

Real Water Management


Effective water management starts with accurately projecting seasonal water requirements and cost. A water budget is developed based on the size of the landscape, plant types, historical ET rates, system efficiency, and local water costs. Controllers are programmed to deliver the monthly water required as efficiently as possible. The system is kept operational with a minimum of leaks. Actual water use and water costs are monitored, recorded, and compared to the water budget. Effective water management means meeting water budget objectives.


Water Conservation and the Sustainable Landscape


At Bay Pro, we find ways to conserve water and save money. We provide cost effective ideas to improve irrigation efficiency. Bay Pro converts older lawns, ivy areas, and areas with inefficient overhead spray to low-water use, drought resistant plant material with efficient drip irrigation. We upgrade, retro-fit, and install newer,more technically advanced water saving components, like Smart ET controllers. We design cost effective master plans featuring phased in renovation and budgeting for new, attractive, low water use, sustainable landscapes.

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