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Landscape Enhancement and Renovation

Bay Pro Managers are expert at identifying cost effective ways to solve landscape challenges, improve curb appeal, and enhance landscape appearance. Check out our before and after renovation photos.


We evaluate ideas based on cost/benefit and ROI. We set priorities and plan expenditures for landscape projects. Projects are done per approved schedule and cost. At Bay Pro, we don't "nickel and dime" our customers. Our goal is to minimize unexpected expense "surprises". We support our clients' cost control efforts.

We specialize in converting older, high water use areas to more attractive and sustainable landscapes that use less water and save money.


We design and develop landscape renovation plans that can be budgeted for and phased in over time. In this manner, the older, less attractive, high water use landscape can be cost effectively transitioned to the more attractive and sustainable landscape; one that uses less water and pesticides to maintain, and  one that will also last a long time.

Bay Pro Landscape enhancement and renovation work regularly includes:


  • Increasing attractiveness and curb appeal at key property focal points...Monument Signs, Driveway & Building Entries, Common Areas, Leasing Office, etc.

  • Conversion of old lawn areas to Drought Resistant Plants & Low Water Use Irrigation

  • Tree, Shrub, Sod, Groundcover, and Flower Installation

  • Full or Partial Turf/Landscape Renovation

  • Design and Install of New Landscape

  • Tree Care, including Tree Pruning, Deep-root Fertilization, and Spraying

  • Bark, Mulch, Cobble, Gravel, Crusher Fine Installation

  • Paver, flagstone, concrete, boulder, brick installation

  • Irrigation System Installation/Retrofits

  • Seasonal Color/Container Displays

  • Header board, Bender board Install and Replacement

  • Pathway Installation

  • Drainage Systems

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