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About Us

For the past 30 years, the owner, managers, and supervisors at Bay Pro have been involved with managing landscape maintenance operations for some of the best known landscape maintenance contractors in the Bay Area. At one time or another we’ve worked on many of the high profile properties located in the Bay Area.

Why in Business

We understand what works and what doesn’t work in the business of landscape maintenance. We focus on the fundamentals of maintaining landscapes properly and consistently, providing good customer service, training and respect for our employees, supporting our clients, and conducting business with honesty and integrity.

Our Philosophy

Bay Pro was formed to support the needs of the professional property, facility, and residential community manager. As a vendor, we haven’t forgotten that our #1 objective is to support you in your job responsibilities and business objectives. We believe our success is tied to your success. We believe our clients want vendors that are experts in their field and vendors that they can trust. And with competitive and aggressive pricing, we believe you’ll see our service offers real value. We’re asking you to consider Bay Pro Landscape Services for the landscape maintenance of your property.

Our Vision

Offer consistent quality, superior customer service, and competitive pricing to make Bay Pro the best landscape services company for the professional property manager.

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